Can you Make Soap Without Lye or Glycerin?


If you want to learn how to make soap without lye or glycerin, you might be looking to do so because of an allergy. A lot of time, people have sensitive skin and blame it on soap.

Lye has a very high pH level. That is why people who have sensitivities view lower pH glycerin as a viable alternative. But If a person reacts to both of these types of soap, it might be an allergy.

On Wellness Mama, they have an article about how to make homemade soa(, the author explains that it is impossible to avoid lye. Her recipe has ways to reduce handling the lye. A person might be interested in this article for making homemade soap.

It seems that most soaps have glycerin as an alternative to lye. If you are very concerned, you might want to switch to body washes. These washes have less harsh ingredients.