Must-have BBQ Checklist

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BBQ Honey Chicken

Planning Your Next Big BBQ Party

If you want your next big barbecue party to be perfect then there are a lot of things to prepare. Planning events like this can sometimes be overwhelming since there are so many tasks to accomplish. But fortunately, we have prepared a checklist to ensure you are not missing anything. Follow this guide and you will surely have a sumptuous and fun-filled barbecue party.

1. Do an inventory of your tools and food items

The most important thing in a party is the preparation of food. Before going shopping, check your grill, your tools, and the food items that you will need.

After doing this, make a shopping list. To help you with this, we have list down some of the most important items you need to buy.

The grilling equipment checklist:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Apron
  • Gas or Charcoal
  • Grill Fork
  • Grill Glove
  • Oil
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Towel

The beverage checklist:

  • Beer (make sure you have a bottle opener)
  • Wine (make sure you have a corkscrew)
  • Cocktails
  • Lemonade or non-alcoholic punch for you non-alcoholic friends
  • Soda
  • Water
  • Cooler
  • Ice
  • Plastic Cups

The food and condiments checklist:

The food choices you need depend on what type of barbecue you will be making. But these are some of the options you can go for.

  • Meats, poultry, or fish
  • Burgers, hotdogs, or sausages
  • Fresh vegetables for making salad or for garnishing (lettuce, tomato, red onion, potato, mushrooms, red pepper, etc)
  • Fresh fruits such as apples and pears
  • Buns or bread
  • Different spices to add flavor
  • Chips, dips, and cheese
  • BBQ sauce or burger relish, ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc

Theme items checklist:

The following items will also depend on what your theme for the party will be, so, you need to decide for a theme first.

  • Plates and bowls
  • Forks, spoons, and knives
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Table Cloth
  • Other decorative items

2. Go shopping

Once you have identified the necessary items you need, go shopping and don’t forget to bring your checklist. If you want to get the freshest meat, you can go directly to your local butcher shop. Check party and discount stores as well to buy accessories and decorative items that would match your theme.

3. Pre-party preparations

Before the party, make sure that everything is already prepared since you don’t want your guests waiting. In order to save time, make sure the following items are prepared few hours before the event:

  • a clean and pre-heat grill
  • chopped vegetables and fruits for the salad
  • salad dressings
  • side dishes
  • marinade mixture
  • condiments and bbq sauce
  • burger patties/ hotdogs/ sausages
  • pre-cut meat/ poultry/ fish
  • pre-cut breads, hotdog buns, or burger buns
  • cold drinks
  • grilling equipment
  • trash bags
  • seating arrangements for the guests
  • entertainment and activities

4. Bonus tips to make your food perfect

Before grilling, make sure your grill is pre-heated for about 10-15 minutes. Do not serve the cooked meat immediately; let it rest for at least 15 minutes until the juices of the meat start to show making the meat tender and tastier.

5. Important tips to make the party more enjoyable

While food is the highlight of any party, entertainment and activities are also important to make the event livelier. In order to give your guests the best entertainment, you must take the time to know their interests. You can also match your activities depending on the theme you have chosen. For instance, if you are hosting a bbq party for the world cup, make sure you have prepared your audio-visual equipment like TV or a projector. For other themes, you can provide other entertainment such as music or parlor games.

The key to having a successful and fun-filled party is to be prepared. Having good food, enjoyable entertainment and activities, and great company are what make the party more enjoyable and memorable. So, follow the checklist above and give your friends and family a party like no other.

To get more tips and tricks along with some amazing recipes, check out our friends at Dads That Cook!

5 Dishes Every Man Should Know How to Cook

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Have you ever asked yourself why more men don’t cook? Why wouldn’t you be willing to cook for yourself yet food is an important aspect of human life? That’s something you can think about. Cooking is an important life skill that’s no longer limited to a specific gender. In fact, it’s so easy to learn how to cook. With a recipe at hand, you can get your ingredients ready, combine them in proper proportions, stir occasionally, and enjoy.

You don’t have to become a world-class chef. No. The idea is to learn how to cook at least a few dishes. Some of the basic ingredients to buy include cooking oil, eggs, condiments, rice, dry pasta, spices, all-purpose flour, and cheese. Important kitchen equipment you need include a saucepan, a skillet, basking sheet or metal cookie, cutting board, knives, utensils and a frying pan. Every man should be able to learn and know how to prepare the following dishes.


There are different ways to prepare eggs. Remember eggs provide your body with proteins. Scrambled eggs or omelettes are gloriously fluffy, rich, and amazing to eat for breakfast. They are prepared by stirring the egg whites and yolk together. Omelettes are extremely versatile which means you can always experiment with varied flavors. If you’re on the go, you’ll find hard-boiled eggs to be more convenient as you can cook a good number of them, label them, and grab one for the entire week.


Cooking is an art that allows you to experiment with whatever dish you want. When it comes to pancakes, you can either add blueberries, chocolate chips, bananas, or anything else that seems to tickle your fancy. You can have pancakes either for breakfast or dinner. Prepare pancakes to impress your woman on a Sunday morning.

Roast Chicken

When preparing chicken, you want to make sure you’re using the right recipe. You’ll realize that roast chicken is the easiest dish anyone can make. Once you have your chicken, all you need to do is to run some pepper and salt before throwing it into the oven. You wait for it to become crispy, throw in some sauce and you’re ready to serve it. It’s pretty easy to prepare roast chicken and can always cater for a large number of people.

Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t know how to make grilled cheese? With cheese, bread, and butter, you’re good to go. This could be one of your favorite childhood dishes which is why you need to have it at your fingertips. Be sure to experiment with varied kinds of bread. You might want to try adding some ingredients such as avocado, pesto, ham slices, and more. You’ll understand why your mom was always happy to make grilled cheese sandwich for you by the time you finish.


Why should you keep getting that greasy burger outside when you can take a couple of minutes to make a healthier, gourmet version at your home? Like grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers are pretty simple to prepare. They are the most delicious dish you can prepare with your two hands. Once you’ve seasoned them with pepper and salt, throw them on the grill and wait. Don’t forget to throw in some BBQ sauce, chili powder or your favorite spice.